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What is the DTV Library membership?

The DTV Library membership is offered on a yearly subscription basis.   As a member your organisation will have access to our growing library of 37 video titles.  Each video is approximately 10-15 minutes long, providing essential training in bite size chunks.  Users can experience end-to-end learning – the accompanying support packs reinforce key learning points, including:

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Each year we will produce a minimum of 10 new titles, the subject of which will be based on your
requests and feedback.

  1. Summary buzz-bites videos

  2. Managers learning packs

  3. Summary notes

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We will intergrate our content to meet your organisations needs, so your employees can start learning.

How much does it cost?

A yearly subscription costs £5000 exclusive of VAT for unlimited access to the DTV Library.

How does it work?

We are experts in integrating our content in the ways which suit your business requirements.
The DTV Library is flexible enough to ensure full compliance with whatever type of LMS your organisation is using, as a DVD set, through an online branded website or as a hard drive. 
DTV is also SCORM-friendly.

Business Processes - Virtual Presenter, Running a Virtual Event, Networking and Social Media and Business

Personal Development - The Fantastic series 1-4

Sales & Marketing - How to give more value series 1 and 2

Purchasing a DTV Library membership couldn’t be simpler.

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