Part of the Deliverers Group

Who we are

DTV are a creative and technically minded team of learning architects, content experts and film producers based in Chiswick, West London with close ties to the film and video production industry. We have years of in-house experience in creating videos for learning.

DTV is part of the Deliverers Group, a global learning consultancy, who create impact and change through learning and work on global brands and global projects to bring innovation and smarter execution with a difference.  Using our joint capabilities we bring learning to life through our video library.

What we do

DTV (Digital Training Videos) delivers engaging, relevant, up-to-date business skills videos direct to desktops, providing hassle-free access to an extensive library of highly stimulating, affordable, on-demand videos, communicating key training needs. Focusing on communications, teamwork and leadership, DTV empowers users with key knowledge for professional self-improvement.  We are experts at creating videos which send the right message, keep messages consistent, use localised, effective language and help most importantly improve productivity and efficiency.

Why video in learning works?

Video is growing faster than ever before, broadband has revolutionised video on the internet, allowing for instant playback and no waiting for videos to load. Meanwhile, smartphone technology and increased use of 3G tablets like the iPad mean more people can watch video anywhere, anytime.   This form of technology brings courses alive by allowing online learners to use their visual and auditory senses to learn complex concepts and difficult procedures.  Whether offering training online at the desk or face to face, video is one of the most effective methods of business communication.

In trying to build and maintain a constructive, dynamic workforce, training is vital to a successful result. A training video is the ideal way to get the information across your entire workforce quickly.  It could take weeks to train employees in individual or group sessions, especially if you operate on multiple sites.  Using an online video will save you both time and money.

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